Great Results

ECN was founded by a group of specialists in the field of electronic commerce,
And it became one of the largest and most respected companies in this area.

The company completed due to its commitment to professional customer service and high quality, apart from the diversity of global business products and advanced technical technologies.

The company launched a multi-lingual and user-friendly trading platform to facilitate trade among multiple investors via the Internet.

Investors receive support from the company’s experts when you need to get to the most successful possible trade and access to opportunities in the market 24 hours, except for receiving professional training for the use of the trading platform.

The company provides the latest financial information, news and market trends, daily reports and daily reviews of the markets in the palm of your hand. Technical analysis and fundamental that we offer unmatched, and allow trading and reduce risks for understanding and knowledge.

Market prices spread in the company’s real-time, as the company provides full sidelines of the trader can maximize the possibilities available.

Several types of investment accounts that are worthy of all types of investors also are located, according to economic and physical ability,
Every birth of these accounts are available with certain offers worthy of its size,

And offer the investor the full administration of Governor comprehensive dealer concerned about it.

We are a global company that provides you with the platform’s most advanced and innovative in the field of trading via the Internet, has established this platform and built under the supervision of senior experts and analysts in the Securities Commission of the European Union.

Characterized platform ECN Investing Company congruent prices in all financial markets around the world, the US markets, European and Asian.

And it is under the protection and control of European Securities Authority.

Protection and control

ECN Investing Company was founded in 2008, the company achieved many successes and recognition in 2012, and ECN Investing Company and received awards in the Organization of the European Union is committed to being with the most important and the highest ethical standards, and to protect the security of the money.

ECN is a company tracking system STP (sales and instant purchasing system), which means that the company does not open your positions inconsistent with the client’s trades, also subject to price differences between buying and fixed selling a clear and transparent manner, to win the customer’s trust and credibility and to provide a safe and secure and the Organization of trading experience.